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corben dallas
Interested in joining the WETWORKS team? If you're interested, sign up on our forums and we'll review your application.
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"Through Strength and Unity, we will TRIUMPH"

is a league of experienced players that strives to be the best as what we do. Although we might talk, we'll have the force to back it up! Team oriented and using ventrilo to coordinate instances and other battles, we've tackled all the PvE content and are quickly making a name for ourselves in the PvP arena. We're all about unity and making sure we help each other out so if you think you have what it takes to be one of us, to be one of the best... sign up with us now and join WETWORKS!

Guild News    

50 min IS run!

xGodlikex, Mar 7, 11 12:51 PM.
We managed to do IS in 50 mins flat last night. Was an awesome run with the Brother Eye Feat as well as the Under an Hour Feat. GJ guys!

Batcave Inner Sanctum DEFEATED

xGodlikex, Feb 23, 11 11:02 AM.
GOOD JOB getting Brother Eye down last night. It took a bit longer than we would have liked, but we still did it in better time than the rest of the server. Nice work hanging in there and completing it, even though we all were expecting to 1 shot it. Bottom line is Wetworks gets it done...PERIOD

32 Minute Outer Cavern Run!

xGodlikex, Feb 18, 11 4:39 AM.
Congrats to Black, Branagh, Impressa, Adrianna, Corben Dallas, Solaris, and Lynx for completing the Outer Caverns raid in 32 Minutes. No Glitching and No Bullsh*t! 

WETWORKS are Accepting Applications for Membership!

Ghost25, Feb 10, 11 4:26 AM.
Yes it's true, we're looking for the best of the best that's out there. Check our forums to see what we're all about and sign up to join one of the best leagues in Zero Hour!

Raid Sign-Ups

Ghost25, Feb 8, 11 11:58 AM.
Sign-Ups for the raid are available on the calendar. I'm just giving it a shot and give it a try so sign up and let me know if it works!
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